According to the Association’s Articles of Association, its basic purpose is to ensure the bilateral collaboration and mutual assistance between its cooperating members in relation to their financial, social and cultural development and promotion via a jointly owned, democratically managed business. Expanding further on the Association’s main purpose, its members, via management, have declared the following as goals of their actions:


  • Promoting the Association and dried fig distribution and consumption in Greece and abroad
  • Capitalising on fig by-products and derivatives
  • Guaranteeing the distribution of the annual production quantity and putting forth every effort to continually increase the available quantity
  • Informing consumers about the therapeutic qualities, recipes, and gastronomic enjoyment of dried figs
  • Developing multilevel collaborations and increasing market share via new fig products and by-products
  • Developing new markets through the promotion of white dried figs

The Association undertakes any activity that contributes to the achievement of its goals, thus covering the entire spectrum of the production, processing and trade of agricultural and consumer products (particularly figs), the production, supply and trade of agricultural paraphernalia, the manufacturing, supply and trade of agricultural production gear, and the provision of services.

Indicatively, these activities are:

  • Establishing and operating foreign and domestic branches, units, and offices
  • Processing, manufacturing and trading agricultural products through the Producers Team
  • Carrying out land reclamation and road construction projects
  • Creating cooperating companies for supplying members with consumer goods
  • Exercising agricultural credit
  • Intervening and taking measures to protect the agricultural products of its members
  • Providing cooperative training
  • Establishing and operating agro-tourism units. Developing ecotourism, social tourism, and labour related to agro-tourism
  • Any activity related to the improvement of its members’ social and cultural status, as well as their standard of living

In order to achieve its goals, the Association may:

a) partake in Cooperative Unions

b) cooperate in common businesses with consumer or other cooperatives, public or private sector legal entities, non-profit organisations, local authority businesses, foreign cooperative organisations, and physical or legal entities in the context of international and interprofessional collaboration

c) recommend or partake in Trade Law or Civil Code companies whose activities match the goals of the Association

d) be recognised as a Producers Team

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