The Agricultural Association of Taxiarhis was established in the village of Taxiarhis, N. Evia, in 1928. The Association’s main activity was initially tobacco growing. After a short period of time, the Association’s focus on quality control earned it the trust of its clients and an award for the quality of its product at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

            In order to respond to the needs of the Greek domestic market for fresh and processed foods, the Association focused its activities during subsequent years on the production of dried and fresh fruit – vegetables; an activity that earned it an award from the Ministry of Agriculture for the quality of its products in 1984.

            Since then, the Association has been specialising in fig growing, which is continually expanding and earning the trust of the local community. The 430 members of the Agricultural Association of Taxiarhis are agriculturalists or agricultural land owners or operators. The Association is one of the oldest in the Greek state and has managed to remain innovative in relation to other associations. It constitutes one of the best organised associations, serving the interests of producers from the wider Evia area in the best way possible. 



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